The coronavirus pandemic and its associated social distancing requirements forced businesses across Australia to change the way they operated, with many moving online for the first time. While the broking industry has long been adopting technology to create a more efficient and seamless customer experience, the pandemic saw many lenders change policies to enable brokers to write mortgages digitally.

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With distancing requirements now easing, how much of the changes will remain in place, and what does the future of mortgage broking look like?

In this episode of In Focus, partnered by Loan Market, the executive chairman of Loan Market, Sam White, discusses his vision for the future of mortgage broking and how the advent of the 100 per cent digital mortgage broker is now upon us.

In this episode, tune in to find out:

  • How COVID-19 and the best interests duty will bring about digital brokers
  • What are the leading digital tools and strategies helping brokers save time
  • The future of training

And plenty more!

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