There has been a huge need for short-term action by SMEs to navigate through 2020. But what about the long term, how should SMEs adapt to trading in a recessionary environment, what action can they take to protect the business value and maintain or improve profitability? SMEs and brokers need to collaborate on the growth prospects of the business now through forward planning and challenging the norms.

  • Lift the veil on SME financials, identify the one-percenters that significantly boost profitability, and leverage this as your point of difference with your clients to lock in the relationship and lock out the competition.
  • Gain insight into the numbers as a source of relationship defining opportunities and walk away with the tools and the ‘language’ to put this into action and make a profound impression on your clients.
  • Start with the end in mind! SMEs rarely focus on the value of their enterprise as they are consumed by the day to day. What if there was a simple way to illustrate this, could this influence their growth plans?
  • Are you ‘match fit’ and able to tap into commercial lending? We work through a blueprint of how to position proposals with lenders by sharing the story of the business to gain approval for funding facilities.
Founder, Banyan Co

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