The trail of disruption and devastation wreaked by COVID-19 has spurred a lending solution boom for smart brokers. SMEs across the country are rebuilding and regenerating, now is the time to lean in close and build lasting relationships on a foundation of funding cash flow and growth. There has never before been a greater need for SMEs to be supported by brokers that are across the market, understand the impact of stimulus and engage swiftly with solutions.

  • How has COVID affected business, what impact will the shape of recovery have, is conventional planning relevant, and how do we factor in the profound changes to how people and businesses now operate?
  • Financially model the possibilities to put you in the driver’s seat in helping your clients project their short-term funding needs
  • Gain insights into ‘real and actual’ success stories of businesses that survived and prospered through broker and lender support when it was most needed. These same businesses may otherwise have failed!
  • Participants will be provided a workbook to build out an action plan to target SMEs within their own portfolio, armed with the confidence to make a difference.
Founder, Banyan Co

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