Every broking business always wants more traffic and exposure, but we have found that a few key optimisations to your business’s website will make all the difference as far as turning site visitors into leads.

Google is the main place people go to search for professional financial service providers such as your business.

Greg Cassar has driven over 2 million leads. In this session, we will show you what works and what not to waste your time and effort on. You will discover:

  • Five easy changes to make the mobile version of your website easier to use and more effective at capturing leads
  • Seven design elements your desktop website must have to clearly communicate the benefits of your main services and capture leads
  • The best way to get free traffic from Google (this one is great as you can set it up yourself)
  • The simple change you must make to please Google so that your website can easily be found
  • The quick, easy and cost-effective Google ads you can set up yourself to turn up at the top of Google in your area
  • The more advanced strategy for larger broker firms
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