Welshpool-based Loan Market broker Balpreet Bal, senior finance specialist at WA Prime Finance Solutions, has always recognised the importance of educating his clients around potential hardships. Given the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, which is threatening job security, preparation such as this is critical.

The recently crowned WA Broker of the Year and Best Residential Broker (The Adviser’s Better Business Awards 2020) joins host Annie Kane on this episode of Elite Broker to share how he is navigating the COVID-19 crisis, what makes him a leading broker, and the importance of maintaining a positive workplace culture – even under social distancing regulations.

Balpreet also reveals:

  • The tools he is using to run his operations remotely
  • What has been happening in WA’s first-home buyers’ sector over the last few months
  • How he intends to increase his number of referral partner
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